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   Metallic glitter powder
Our product applies in Children DIY and Craft Education, Christmas Gift, Silkscreen printing, Cosmetics, Decorative material, Candle craft, Varnish decoration, etc. With the adornment advantage, the glitter make the product have the Art Characteristic and significantly increase its value.
We have specialized in glitter powder and tinsel for more than 16 years. As one of the largest manufacturers in China, we can produce metallic, rainbow, laser and holoshade glitter powder in tetragon and hexagon. And we can make 10tons a day with about one hundred cutting machines. We have the MSDS and EN71 Certificate. And we have about 200 colors.
We can make all sizes of packages, such as 3g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg. Further more, we also have the bottles of 3g, 7g, 10g, 20g, 21.5g, 22g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 113g, 250g, and 454g.
We have the series of 300, 200, 500, 400, 600, and 800. The series of 200, 500, 400, 600, 800 can bear 180CENTIGATE. Our series 300 and 200 is the metallic kinds. They are the common colors.Our series500 is the rainbow kinds or the pearl colors.Our series400 and 800 is the laser kinds. And our series600 is also the laser kinds.While our series 600 is much shinning than series400 and 800. Our series700 is the black color.
For the hexagon shape,we have the sizes of 1/4", 1/8", 1/12", 1/24", 1/32", 1/40", 1/64", 1/96", 1/128", 1/186", 1/256" etc.
For the tetragon shape, we have the size of 0.8,1*1,2*2,3*3,0.3*1.5,0.3*4.7,0.4*3,0.1*1,0.2*1mm.
For the parallelogram shape, we have the size of 1.9*2*3mm.
Our glitter powder are all made of PET and they are all Non toxic.

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